FTP Download / Upload (Deutsche Version)

You can access files via internet. You will receive your username and your password by email.

1) You are using a internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, ...)
Please use the following URL: https://ftp.text-bild.de
Please write your username and your password into the input boxes and click the login button. You now can download, upload, delete and rename files in a convenient web interface. Please log off after finishing by clicking the "logout" button.

2) If you are using a ftp-client application (FileZilla, CyberDuck, Fetch, ...) please use the following URL: ftp://ftp.text-bild.de

File uploads
- It is always a good idea to zip data before uploading.
- Please use file names which gives an idea of the file content.
- If multiple files belongs together, please create a folder with a reasonable name
and upload the files into this folder
- Avoid special characters in file names like "äöüßéèâ ...".
- Also avoid spaces in filenames, better use an underscore "_" instead.

Download of ZIP-files
we usually pack the files on a Apple Macintosh computer. If you unpack our zip-files on a Windows PC, you might get some additional folders/files, which you can ignore. Macintosh archives/files have some additional information (like small picture showing the file with the correct icon on the desktop, etc.), which are not visible as seperate files on the Mac. So we can´t leave them away easily. If you unpack such an archive on a Windows PC, you see the additional information as seperate files. So you can delete the following without losing importat information:
- the folder "__MACOSX" with icon-pictures of the files, etc.
- all ".DS..." files.
- a file inside the unpacked folder, which begins with a "_" and ends with the folders´ name. This is only the icon-picture of the folder or some additional Mac information.

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